Monday, February 23, 2009

All a-Twitter!

For your collective amusement, may my many Internet minions be advised that now you can follow your favorite blog bard on Twitter under the moniker MrWillTracy. Let the pigeons loose!

Below are some examples of this splendid new medium in action. Basically I'm treating it - due to the 140 per post character limit - as an opportunity to launch blistering flurries of one liners, cheap shots & slightly off-the-rim comments. Segues, as always, are for children.

MrWillTracy Just reheard in other room 'City Slickers' line "If hate were people, I'd be China!". My corollary is "If bile was oil, I'd be Exxon!". from web

MrWillTracy Played Regent Park in Fort Mill w/ 'Mr. SC Gyro King'. Blustery/cold but good time & ball-striking. Romeo y J. Viejo helped cut the wind! from web

MrWillTracy In vein of last 'Tweet', I'll be lecturing later this month on Lee Harvey Oswald & the decline of natural fibers in golf rain garments. from web

MrWillTracy Anyone made the connection between Boo Weekley (1 of 3 PGA-ers) coming from Milton, FL & the Errol Morris documentary which is set there? from web

MrWillTracy Today's NYT Teddy Kennedy pre-eulogy referenced much bad history but omitted his worst disloyalty - derailing his own party's sitting Pres. from web

MrWillTracy France's favorite American, Jerry Lewis, is getting a pseudo Oscar @ tonite's gala. Rumored that Dino's pickled corpse will be presenter. from web

MrWillTracy Think most politicians are bland haircuts? Google "Carl Mumpower" for some choice vignettes of rhetorical/intellectual fancy which amuse. from web

MrWillTracy The Vijay Singh paradigm: Good news is you won '08 season-ending $ title; bad news is you gave the loot to your sponsor, Stanford Financial from web

MrWillTracy My new favorite riposte after attesting to 18 years of being married: "You know, I would have got less for manslaughter in most states". from web

MrWillTracy Have to update my "Patrick Ewing @ the foul line" quip to desribe after-effect of one of my cardio workouts. No one remembers the old Hoya. from web

MrWillTracy Released (sic fired) 2 people last Fri., but informed rest of my staff that I did such while bellowing, "Bring the pain!". No one got it. from web

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Duo of delicious, yet disparate, discoveries

Short missive to shed light upon a pair of offerings as tasty as even a veritable 'surf & turf' of observing Gen. William T. Sherman in the field (and on the loose) plus listening to Bernard Herrmann score the latest Alfred Hitchcock (or Martin Scorsese, Orson Welles, etc.) opus.

Specifically from the realm of the usually sorted (plus poorly written), I submit following website of interest - - which documents the travails, treks & near weekly tumults of Miss/Ms. London Andrews, a freelance libertine & professional model.

Mademoiselle London is a pre-college slash self-financing blog-o-sphere adventurer of the slightly adult variety. Based on reading her posts for several months now, the lass will not be in need, however, of any freshman composition class to hone her rather protean prose style. It is quite refreshing to see a youthful thinking person not only take the ubiquitous Jack Kerouac to heart, but, quite literally, seek to run down the same road (albeit in a modern, though still meandering, manner). In addition (and most importantly) for those faithful to all things distaff and zaftig, Miss/Ms. London [See right] as to her non-verbal output is equally ebullient and unabashedly alluring in a myriad of (mostly) tasteful photos of her most curvaceous form. The website is studded with a smorgasbord of snaps from various sessions the young lady has graced. Bravo, L.A., and may the kindly gods of fate smile perpetually upon your efforts!

Nearly as tasty as I can, in this case, report personally is the (relatively) new line extension from the venerable house of Romeo y Julieta, which is now part of the formidable Altadis stable of sticks. Specifically I'm referring to the four Indians comprising the "Viejo" [For "old" in Espanol] family. One of my main two sources, Cigars International - - recently touted a very reasonably priced sampler pack from this line extension with the following (purloined verbatim) description:

Gorgeous to the eye, its super-smooth, thick, slightly toothy maduro wrapper - grown in the famed San Andres Valley of Mexico - features an oily sheen and triple cap, while the subtle square-press presentation feels great in the hand and adds to the anticipation. The flavor is dependable and consistent throughout: mellow and smooth from start to finish, highlighted by some richness, hints of caramel and a faint sweet woody note. The aftertaste is very pleasant, while the draw is effortless and pumps out voluminous clouds of smoke. Of the myriad Romeo y Julieta blends, to me this gorgeous little number is hands-down the best.

Could not agree more with all of the above and a hearty thumbs-up to a brand which already produces the lovely "Vintage" and (previous favorite) "Reserva Real" sticks. To reemphasize just a bit, the aesthetics of this Indian are heads-and-shoulders superior to almost anything available; square-pressed jobs are particularly appealling. In Italian for this repeat invoking - Bravismo!