Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Yeah, but how funny are you in 'real' life?"

A query your scribe is posed on routine basis due to excessive mirth inspired by defly-crafted ripostes populating blog presently being read. To answer above as best as possible, offer below as 'Exibit A'.

It is an actual work e-mail from this past week to one of my subordinates (Samantha) who familiarly starts all her e-mails with salutation of "Hey". 'Sam' was requesting authorization for one of her colleagues so that something somewhat consequential now could be done in one of the myriad software systems my groups must navigate. It should be noted that this e-mail copied all the individuals involved in this mundane administrative task + others named in my reply.

Usually a simple "Approved" w/ the muckety-muck's name put on the form, is the e-mail received to such requests. [As in this electronic age, only $ obligations above the cost of an Arturo Fuente Opus X (see left "family" shot) require actual signatures.] At least that's what the IT representative mentioned to me the next day while still, obviously, confused about getting below. Ah, but where's the joy in life then?

Hey Sam!
I much prefer corned beef hash to ham.

On the form above I have affixed name that I am.

Tonite I’m takin’ the Blushin’ Bride for a Denny’s Grand Slam.

Usually put pepper jelly on my biscuit rather than any kind of jam.

Although unfortunately not a Southern man by birth, still tend to call ladies above 18 ‘Ma’am’.

If Alexander K. put a device on top of my computer to record my day, it no doubt would have to be called a ‘Genius Cam’.

My intelligence compared to Mr. Doug P.'s has got to be roughly same distance as the water at the bottom to the top of the Hoover Dam.

... and as Stephen Wright's character once said, "The hits just keep comin' on K-BILLY & the Super Sounds of the '70's!".