Friday, July 6, 2012

Mornings in Marcell, Mn: An appreciation

Serendipity of internet rears its heads with almost same frequency as I encounter pleasant + cogent coffeehouse waitstaff, but occasionally the mighty Shiva shakes loose a real beaut.  Such is case most delightfully @

Effort of one Mr. D. Swanson, happened upon only while searching-out some background on lovely Graycliff G2 Turbo (6" x 60) I enjoyed.  Gent's a professional photographer livin' in way north part of the Gopher state; makes my winter sojourns to Fairmont look like springtime in St. Louis by comparison.

Recommend perusing blog when time permits leisurely stroll as there's much to savor between finely rendered nudes, cigar write-up's & non-McGovernite political musings.  Chap definitely has a 'clean' eye - nary a tarted-up hussy crosses the lens.  Ladies highlighted all have similar aesthetic appeal, best to say, of F. Lloyd Wright structure depicted in naturalistic setting.

Images here just a visual tapas of sorts, but fellow advertises his services for array of different occasions.  On my regular read list & suggest my burgeoning number of blog cadres line-up for standard imbibing of this Mn man's highly enjoyable efforts.

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