Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The People have spoken ... let zaftig lasses reign!

Wow. This new Blogger format is more revolutionary than anything down the pike since Copernicus was a pup!  I was able to organize old pieces quicker than Mitt Romney puts on his secret underwear union suit each AM ... and that's pretty gosh darn speedy, bud!  Seriously, I was prompted to get back in the saddle, so to speak, after receiving lovely note from one of my cult followers.  Did not realize, however, that software fueling this Faulkner-esque effort had changed.  Usually - being premature crank by nature - I associate anything altered w/ immediate degradation in quality along lines of today's models v. yester year's pin-ups. Here, however, I'm pleasantly surprised.

One software update is I can track how many 'hits' per entry and, therefore, derive rough approximation of that which satiates most my followers. The verdict, in this regard, is crystalline ... my cadres dig, respectively, rubenesque gals, golf & Tiger trashing. Somewhat taken aback cigar chat fared so poorly, but - like Sarah Palin once said - even the nicest pair of pantyhose can get a run in 'em if you use as garrote on political foe.

So pledge, henceforth, to litter future pages w/ veritable Sizzler Buffet of tasteful zaftig gal images both as nod to my peeps' preference & in honor of subject matter. Tiger-bashing, unfortunately, will come/go as Mr. Woods' (poor) behavior merits. Current success mitigates any juicy entries as that hypocritical gent usually doesn't let down guard till after perpetual level of success temporarily abandons him. Saying is if God really was interested in money, then explain why He gave it to those who are rich? Same is case for golf talent, sad to say, vis-a-vis TW.

Until next time & special thanks, again, to Mr. John O. for his note.

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